Local Area Website Guidelines

As of the Houston ’08 Trustee meeting, the Board of Trustees has approved a Website Checklist For Compliance With Gamblers Anonymous Board of Trustees Website Guidelines. This checklist is meant to be a guide for critical review of existing area websites and for the planning of new websites for local areas.

The ISO will not approve or rate any websites. However, the ISO will notify any area that violates the copyrights, trademarks or any form of intellectual property, that the problems must be resolved.

Ideally, each of the 52 items should be checked off as ‘None’, which would put the site in full compliance with the guidelines. If there are items that are checked off as a ‘Yes’, the area should employ best efforts to have those particular items, features and/or functions removed. Space is provided on the checklist for plans to remedy the conditions that are checked off as ‘Yes’.

Website Guidelines

If questions arise regarding deployment of a new local area website or issues about existing local area websites, please notify the Trustee Website Admin.