Trustee Website

1) – To oversee the Trustee website.
2) – To periodically review all websites that infer or imply membership or representation of the Fellowship or Corporation of Gamblers Anonymous, and evaluate the websites for compliance with approved Local Area Website Guidelines. Trustees and area trusted servants will be made aware of any deficiencies that need to be corrected. Websites from outside entities are not included.
3) – To review new designs, features, enhancements and any other changes that would be demonstrated to the Board of Trustees for approval and deployment to any website approved by the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees Chair Liaison: Andy R.

Chairman of the Committee: Mike R. – Area 6A
Use this email address to contact the Chair of this committee

The committee is open to additional members who would like to be involved with this process.

Committee members are listed below, as of 2/2/19

Cheryl R. – 2E
David M. – 12
Jane L. – 3A
John B. – 13
Mike R. – 6A
Steve P. – 6B

Trustee Website Guidelines
as of Cherry Hill ’17

  1. The site will be functional year round.
  2. Agenda items will be accepted for submission to the Trustees website no later than 30 days after the minutes from the previous meeting are made available from I.S.O. and posted to the Trustee website for reference.
  3. Any printed material that will be passed out at the Trustee meeting will be posted on the Trustee website for prior downloading if the committee chairs and other designated individuals are able to supply such reports. In the event material pertaining to G.A. literature is part of the handouts, it will be noted as non-G.A. approved literature. Submission of any handouts for the Trustees consideration will be at the option of the author(s).
  4. All flyers and reports that are posted to the Trustee website will be reviewed and modified, if necessary, to remain compliant with issue pertaining to member anonymity. This includes items covering:
    • Member’s full names
    • Member’s addresses
    • Member’s phone numbers
    • Member’s email addresses
  5. Display of new literature prior to the initial submission to the B.O.T. for consideration and also after the 1st vote has been approved showing with watermarks or adequate notification designating the items as non-G.A. approved material and thereby not for distribution to meetings and the members from any area.
  6. Any and all G.A. material that would be considered reference material will be posted and available for ‘Keyword Searching’, as determined by the Trustee website committee, including items from the B.O.R. and its meetings.
  7. The Trustee website will be co-hosted on a server by a company that will provide efficient and secure service at the lowest possible cost, as determined by the committee. Funding for this, if any is required, will be from the B.O.T. Chair’s annual discretionary fund.
  8. The Trustee website committee members are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and management of content on the Trustee Website. The committee may seek authorization from Board of Trustees Chair Liaison to utilize resources outside the committee, if needed and funding is available to cover any costs associated with outside support. New committee members will be indoctrinated with the procedures and programming protocols for the Trustee Website.
  9. I.S.O. will remain as the owner and administrative contact of the domain name.


  1. The Trustee Website will be under the control of a standing Trustee Website committee made up of either current or past Trustees, 2 of which must have website programming experience. The committee will maintain the content and administrate the Trustee website. It will also give reports at each Trustee meeting of new additions and modifications that the committee would like to have approved for deployment on the Trustee website. Any such changes may first be implemented on the Trustee website with approval by the majority of the executive board as to appropriateness, between Trustee meetings for the members to use, in order to help render a more informed decision by the B.O.T. at the next physical meeting, regarding an approval or denial of the new changes. To remain on the Trustee Website, these changes must be submitted as an agenda item for final approval.
    As of Cherry Hill ’17


  1. The Trustee Line will be published on the Trustee website and will be under the supervision of the Trustee website committee that will also decide content appropriateness (Inappropriateness will include profanity, derogatory statements about another member or person, derogatory statements about another room and matters unrelated to Gamblers Anonymous). Disputes over the opinions of the committee and members who challenge the committee’s decision will be decided by the 3 Chairs of the B.O.T.