Prison – Canada

To provide, in Canada, telephone, email, and an in person resource (as feasible) to the trustees or their designees for the purpose of assisting when a prisoner or institutional staff member is requesting to start an “inside” meeting, or when an intergroup and its committee are outreaching to prisons, jails, etc. Also, to compile in the I.S.O. office an unpublished JIP meeting directory as a much needed resource for federal, state, and local judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, probation officers and clinicians.

Board of Trustees Chair Liaison: Pete K.

Chair of the Canadian Committee: Jean-Marc L. – Area 5B
Co-chair: Adrien R. – Area 5B
Use this email address to contact the Chair of this committee

The committee is open to additional members who would like to be involved with this process.

Committee members are listed below, as of 9/13/17

André G. – 5B
Claude C. – 5B
Debra B. – 2E
Jean-Marc L. – 5B
Richard C. – 2K
Richard F. – 4