New Area/Trustee Accommodation

ISO will accept contributions from GA members for the New Area/New Trustee Accommodation Fund.

All such contributions will be monies set aside for financial assistance for the costs of qualified overseas Trustees attending Trustee meetings in North America.

GA members are permitted to make contributions to ISO and have the funds earmarked for the New Area/New Trustee Accommodation Fund, provided the instructions to do so are included with the contribution from the member to ISO.

Overseas Trustees will be qualified for disbursement of New Area/New Trustee Accommodation Fund monies if they attend their 1st Trustee meeting immediately after their overseas area, outside of North America, is newly recognized as such by the Board of Trustees.

Partial funding of any qualified Trustees from any source will disqualify that Trustee from applying for New Area/New Trustee Accommodation funding.

The Trustees for those overseas areas must be full‐time residents of their areas and never have been a Trustee in the past.

The intention of this fund is to assist overseas areas that may not have the funds to send their Trustee(s) to a Trustee meeting. If the areas have the funds, they should use their own funds to get their Trustee(s) to the Trustee meetings.

Covered expenses for reimbursement consideration are as follows:
1‐Airfare to the conference
2‐Room charges for the hosting hotel for the Wednesday preceding the Trustee meeting through Sunday morning checkout.
3‐Conference registration
4‐Costs of transportation to and from the hosting hotel and the nearest major airport.

Total monies will be divided evenly to all qualified Trustees.

No qualified Trustee will receive more money than the verified costs of the covered expense items.

The qualified Trustee submitting an expense report with the lowest reimbursable amount will set the maximum dollars to be evenly distributed to the total number of qualified Trustees.

If the funds are not available to cover the total to be distributed, then 100% of the available funds will be used.

If there is a surplus of money after the application of the lowest reimbursable amount calculation, then the balance above that amount will be carried forward to the qualified Trustees for the next Trustee physical meeting, where the cycle for reimbursement will begin once again. The amount of money available for distribution will be set on the 1st day of the month following the beginning of each Trustee meeting.

Funds accumulated will be listed on the Trustee website at the beginning of each month, as per information provided by ISO. The website will exercise best efforts to indicate which qualified Trustees are expected to attend the upcoming Trustee meeting as an unofficial gauge of expected attendance of qualified Trustees; however, it is not to be used as anything other than an unofficial indication that is non‐binding for any consideration of usage of the New Area/New Trustee Accommodation Fund monies.