Monthly Committee Reports

As of Cancun ’15, the following item was adopted by the Board of Trustees:

“Each Board of Trustees committee must submit monthly committee updates to the Trustee Website no later than the last day of every month. Committee Chairs will have an initial minimum of 30 days from the end of Trustee meetings to accomplish this. The Chair of the Board of Trustees may remove the Committee Chair and/or Co-Chair if the deadlines for submission are not met.”

All monthly reports must be sent to the Trustee Website Administrator in PDF form.

Committees are listed Alphabetically

Reports Submitted Between Ontario and Cancun

Abuse and HarassmentP-----
Blue Book RevisionP-12/29---
Conference OversightA11/3012/30---
Domestic Area BordersA11/2912/31---
Electronic VotingP11/30----
Group HandbookA11/612/17---
Hotline ImplementationA11/2812/26---
International Area BordersA11/3012/31---
International RelationsP11/3012/31---
Pressure ReliefA-12/28---
Pressure Relief ReviewA-----
Prison - CanadaP-----
Prison - USP11/2912/30---
Public RelationsP11/30----
Spanish LiteratureP-12/31---
Telephone Conference CallsA-12/29---
Trustee Removal Merit PanelA-----
Trustee WebsiteA-12/31---

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