Meeting Materials

Click Here to download the Orlando Trustee Meeting Agenda

If you are a current Trustee that cannot attend the Orlando, FL Trustee Meeting, please complete an Absentee Ballot by clicking this link.

Agenda Attachments

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Guidance Code
Rules and Procedures

All committee reports must be sent to the Trustee Website Administrator in PDF form

Report ColorReport Status
Committee report has not yet been submitted
Committee report submitted before deadline
Committee report not submitted by the deadline

CommitteeDate SubmittedCo-Chair Liaison
Abuse and Harassment-Andy R.
Blue Book Revision-Pete K.
Conference Oversight-Andy R.
Digital Media-Pete K.
Electronic Voting-Pete K.
Group Handbook-Andy R.
Hotline Implementation-Andy R.
Intergroup-Mitch L.
International Relations-Mitch L.
Literature-Mitch L.
Pressure Relief-Mitch L.
Pressure Relief Review-Andy R.
Prison - Canada-Pete K.
Prison - US-Mitch L.
Public Relations-Pete K.
Spanish Literature-Mitch L.
Telephone Conference Calls-Andy R.
Trustee Election-Pete K.
Trustee Removal Merit Panel-Andy R.
Trustee Website-Andy R.
Video Meeting Format-Mitch L.