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Official Ontario Trustee Agenda

Absentee Ballot Instructions

If you are not going to be attending the Ontario Trustee Meeting, please go to the Ontario Absentee Ballot page and cast your ballot for all the eligible agenda items. This is for use only by current Trustees.
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Ontario Agenda Attachments

Item # Pages File Size Download Link
4 1 1.1 MB Download File
29 66 6.9 MB Download File
30 26 3.3 MB Download File
31 1 341 KB Download File
44 1 444 KB Download File
60 2 328 KB Download File
61 1 323 KB Download File
62 1 367 KB Download File

Additional Items Necessary For Ontario

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Guidance Code
Rules and Procedures

Conference Committee Reports

All conference committee reports must be received by the website admin in Word and PDF files, no later than Midnight ET, October 12th, 2017. No reports will be marked as received, accepted nor will they be posted until both files are received by the website admin.

Email the files to

The links to view the reports will become available after they are received and uploaded to the website. The deadline for submitting the reports is 2 weeks before the start of the Trustee Meeting.

Report Color Report Status
Committee report has not yet been submitted
Committee report submitted before deadline
Committee report not submitted by the deadline

Percent of Committee Reports Submitted:
65% - (13/20)

Committee Date Submitted Co-Chair Liaison
1 Abuse and Harassment - Andy R.
2 Blue Book Revision 10/11 Pete K.
3 Conference Oversight 10/10 Andy R.
4 Digital Media 10/10 Pete K.
5 Electronic Voting 10/12 Pete K.
6 Group Handbook 10/10 Andy R.
7 Hotline Implementation 9/30 Andy R.
8 Intergroup 10/11 Mitch L.
9 International Relations 10/10 Mitch L.
10 Literature 10/8 Mitch L.
11 Pressure Relief - Mitch L.
12 Prison - Canada 10/9 Pete K.
13 Prison - US - Mitch L.
14 Public Relations 10/12 Pete K.
15 Spanish Literature 10/12 Mitch L.
16 Telephone Conference Calls - Andy R.
17 Trustee Election - Pete K.
18 Trustee Removal Merit Panel - Andy R.
19 Trustee Website 10/10 Andy R.
20 Video Meeting Format - Mitch L.